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Blatant Propaganda CD:

Various Artists ::: "Industrial Baby" ::: Double CD


the industrial baby CD.

A double CD released by Delinquent Records in the USA. It features a collosal 36 music projects from the US, Canada, Australia (3) andEurope. This one's a bit of a mixed bag. There's some polished industrial stompers and a few (like the EYE track) that sound like demos... they used the wrong version of the EYE track!

If you dig Leatherstrip, Klute, die Krupps, Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory etc. you're bound to find lots of stuff on here that you like. There are lots of bands that are obviously inspired by that school of music. Most bands are characterised by distorted angsty or gothic vocals (male & female) over stomping industrial metal crossover - chugging distorted guitars and techno beats. If you want a copy, get in quick, as there is only a handful left. My personal favourite tracks are:

>> Bride of the Atom: "Crash & Burn" - origrinal, tribalistic industrial rock with catchy vocals and well-crafted instrumentation.
>> 5000 Fingers: " White Light" - an instrumental with industrial hip-hop beat, choral synth washes, dubby bass and samples. This sounds more like something that belongs on a trip-hop CD or from Warp Records
>> Naked Lunch: "Wonderful" - Fear Factory styled metal-industrial
>> Angry White Mob: "Disinformation" stomping thrashing metal-goth-industrial
>> EYE: "the Vivisector" - a less than perfect bad demo-mix that was sent in a hurry on the understanding that the CD deadline was due. Once the deadline was extended, EYE sent a polished mix, but they used the crappy demo one by mistake! Oh well.
>> Dogmachine: "Headwound" their old classic industrial-cyber-metal blitz.
>> Neuroactive: "Space Divider" this stands out as it has no guitars or angsty vocals (unlike most tracks on this CD). A cool Euro-e.b.m.-synth track from Finland.
>> Deisix: ""forest" another cool Euro industrial-synth-wave-house track from Finland.
>> Deep Blue Black: "Alloy" I like this as it's mellow and hypnotic, bass guitar-driven with sparse drumming, it's refreshing after all the noisey ranting stuff.
>> Lateral Tension: "Pressure Device" whining and whispered distorted vocals over an eerie techno break-beat piece with synth lines that remind of Sheep on Drugs.

The other bands, many of which are very good at the metal industrial style are:

Attrition, Chaingun Operation, state of Being, Denial, Nein Creed, Rash, Mindless Faith, BiSexion69, Nimbus, Dark and Aggressive, Grace Overthrone, a Sound Thrashing, Wake up Call, Synchro nine Factor, Glampire, Industry Eleven, U.N.I., Maintenance of Order, Bozo Porno Circus, cyclotron, Warm Leatherette, Hillside Stranglers, Introspect Void, Love in the Asylum, Neurogod and Silence.Txt


SOLD OUT, Sorry!

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