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Alternative Australian Music Bands Dark Heavy Hard Electronic Dance Industrial Electro Synth Punk Pop Indie Alt Rock EBM Protest Songs EDM Cyber Goth Intelligent Electronica Big Beat IDM Hardstyle Techno PsyTrance Darkwave Drum Bass DnB D&B Witch Acid House Glitch Hip Hop Dub Step Rap Power Noise Digital Hardcore DHC Breakcore Breakbeat Darkcore Artists Groups Projects Producers in from Australia Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Canberra Perth Adelaide Gold Sunshine Coast Wollongong New Zealand Auckland Wellington Christchurch NZ

EYE Dark Heavy Alternative Electronic Electronica Electro Industrial Dance Synth Pop DarkWave Cyber Goth Punk Protest Rock Music Band Group Artist Bands Groups Artists Bands IndieTronica Australian USA UK Canada Europe la musique électronique

  • For a guide to 1000s of songs & videos by 100s of dark alternative music bands/groups/artists of Australia & New Zealand see - post-punk, industrial, gothic, dark glam and electronic dance punk rock genres ...

    Top New Great Old Alternative Australian Dark Electro Industrial Cyber Goth Synth Punk Wave Pop Techno Rock Music List Bands Australia Art USA UK Canada Europe Germany France Italy Spain New York London Los Angeles San Francisco Toronto Montreal Vancouver Moscow Berlin Sydney Melbourne

  • - Alternative Music DJ: archive list for 100s of club nights, band gigs, radio shows ...

    Some related music tracks:
    - Youtube: DJ Robot Citizen "Another One of Those Days" [Aggrotech Dark Glitch Hop Electro Industrial PowerNoise]
    - DailyMotion: DJ Robot Citizen "Another One of Those Days" [Dark Glitch Hop Electro Industrial Aggrotech Power Noise]
    - Youtube: DJ Robot Citizen "Flying Monkeys" (Live) [Hellektro Dark Electro Industrial Aggrotech Power Noise]
    - DailyMotion: DJ Robot Citizen "Flying Monkeys" (Live) [Dark Electro Hellectro Industrial Aggrotech PowerNoise]

    DJ Robot Citizen 2017 Dark Alternative Electro Industrial Hellelectro Aggrotech Hellelektro TBM EBM Power Noise Electronics Glitch Hop Core Witch House Music Producers Australia UK USA Europe Britain England Canada Germany America DJs Best Top New Old

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Some Music Zines we like:

  • Dawn Industry ::: based in Melbourne (Australia) it was originally a collective named 'DEMUS" that promotes underground dark alternative electronic-based music artists through compilations and live events called 'enzyme'. See:
  • Chain DLK ::: great zine (since the mid 90s) for industrial electronic darkwave isolationist synthpop electro music; formerly a printed colour magazine from Europe, which keeps in touch with the d.i.y. underground -
  • - large directory of music artists, labels, DJs, events... originally for Australia, now international.


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Neu German NDH NDW Deutsche das elektro dunkel dunkle Elektronische Industriell Industrial Tanzmusik Tanzen EBM Industrie Rock Punk Pop Musik Gruppe Musikgruppen Musikbands Lieder 2010s 2016 2017 2018 10s Germany Berlin Hamburg München Köln Leipzig Essen Bremen


French de la le Musique Alternatif danse électronique Industriel français Nouveau groupes artistes Industrielle rock électro punk Industrial foncé noir bande groupe alternative EBM EDM music Chansons 2000s 2010s 2016 2017 2018 Paris Marseille Lyon Nice Nantes


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Other links:

- If you're looking for Australian electro-Industrial Music made by Australian electro-Industrial Bands then be sure to visit those links in blue.

- Another similar term that was used earlier, as far back as the '80s, for post-Industrial heavy electronic music is 'Cyberpunk'. Perhaps you are curious about Australian Cyberpunk Music being made by Australian Cyberpunk Bands then you'll find lots of songs and videos through there.

- Sometimes people who like that music also love Australian EBM Music by Australian EBM Bands or to spell it out further Australian Electronic Body Music and that'll provide many tracks of interest.

- In the 1990s a term of 'Digital Hardcore' was coined to describe some aggressive heavy electronic-industrial styled music. So perhaps you wish to hear some Australian Digital Hardcore Music made by Australian Digital Hardcore Bands.

- If you're looking for darker electronic music with a gothic feel then here is a link to a website with a lot of Australian Darkwave Music made by Australian Darkwave Bands. Sometimes people type 'darkwave' as two words so it would look like this Australian Dark Wave Music or like this Australian Dark Wave Bands.

- Perhaps you want to discover the long history of Australian Gothic Music made by Australian Gothic Bands? If so then you'll find a pathway to dozens of bands through there.

- Fans of industrial EBM and gothic music often also like a more recent form of music that blends those genres and is termed 'cybergoth'. So here's a link through to a portal of Australian Cybergoth Music made by Australian Cybergoth Bands.

- Another more recent genre term for quirky dark electronic music is 'Witch House'. So you might like to hear some Australian Witch House Music made by Australian Witch House Artists and Bands.

Music Blogs


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