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Various Artists ::: "Black Planet" ::: 2ble CD. CD1 = "fire" CD2 = "ice"


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This double CD was compiled and released by KSM Records from Canada. It is a collection of many of the most promising contemporary underground post-industrial and dark electronic acts from North & South America, Europe and Australia. One CD is sub-titled "ICE" and showcases the mellower though very dark, ambient tracks. If you're into Cold Meat Industry sort of things you'll love many of these tracks: waves of noise and dystopian soundscapes.

Also featured later in the CD are several tracks which fit into the slower more gothic edge of electro-industrial. What is often called "darkwave". The artists are: The Unquiet void, Violet Black Orchid, Cryptomnesia, Psychokinetic Disrupter, Fatal Blast Whip, Attrition, TNV, Ex-Nihilo, Zeitgeist, Featherface, Eskimo, Bytet, Daedalus21 (which is made a very tongue in cheek piece by setting it over the cheesiest stadium audience cheering you've ever heard!) You'll also find AYA (who are now known as ELF) with "Aphazia (Black Planet Mix)". 15 tracks over 74 minutes.

The other CD is sub-titled "FIRE". As one might suspect, it features the upbeat raucous industrial-metal-teknoid tunes. If you're into well-known goups like NIN, Front Line Assembly, Project Pitchfork etc. then I predict you'll dig all these bands as they're on that end of the spectrum. Artists: Attrition, Violet Black Orchid, Implant, Deadjump, Narcissus Pool, Idiot Stare, Noxious Emotion, Glass Eden, Nanochrist, Delicate Terror, Profan, DMSO, The Question. Oh and on here you'll also find an early version of EYE's track "The Vivisector - all the people killed mix". 15 tracks over 73 minutes.

So there you go, if you're an industrial rivett-head and/or into dark electronics (adventurous gothics!) why spend $25-35 (Aust.) on about 20-40 minutes of major label released stale teeny-bop stuff, when you could get 147 minutes of exciting cutting-edge noises for a lower price?


SOLD OUT, Sorry!


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