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Various ::: "On the Nod"


While most of the bands here are of the sludgey grinding aggro punk variety you'll also find some surprises - though not necessarily, as the comon theme is the content - songs with substance and political consciousness. There's 42 bands and 59 songs. So I can't go into detail on every band. The tracks range in recording quality from excellent to "o.k."

So what's on here? First, my personal stand-out material:

EYE: well, how could I not be totally self-blatant and not mention this first? A previously unreleased track of scathing industrial-acid-punk with a dose of drum & bass called "Party Politician Part 2 - Puppets".

Trace Element: a mellow dub-reggae-rap piece about the The Liberal Government's "10 Point Plan".

The Oppenheimer Project (formerly "ON") a way cool & spacey trance-electronica-breakbeat piece called "Outside".

DJ Urinal Cake: " I destroy your songs by cutting shit up..." a piece of electronica noise, vageuly SPK'ish but mellower.

Of the punk tracks, among which you'll find lots of aggressive spat-out vocals, epileptic drummers, thrashing power chords, cookie monster appearances,and street-level politics, my personal favourites are:

H-Block 101: cool surf-punk guitar-riffs and vocals in "great Australian joke", Bastardos:"Blood on the sand" thrashing punk,

Bleeding Face: "knife wound to the face" as it's absolutely hilarious noisey short, silly & sweet hardcore punk,

Unclean: "Weedkiller" as it's musically interesting and proficient punk-metal-grunge, though the vocals are bit grungey for me and crass lyrics,

Ghouls: "Treachery" for it's schizo-tempo changes.

The other bands, all of them good at what they do, are: Rufusbaton, Hindsight, FugG, Muff Putty, Meanderthal, Sad X Dave, Playground of Hate, Disrupt Youth, Drawback, Degrade, godnose, scrumfeeder, Bigots, Hate is Enough, Walsh St. Cop Killers, Stanley Knife, Shitmen, Beyond Human Control, Corruption, WiseHeimer, Conation, Growling Grandma, Nihilist, Fisted Sister, Infliction, Bitter fit Crack, Sheek the Shayk, Lowrats, Blurters, Mouthguard, Magnacite, Suffragettes, Last Hemmeroids.

In all, another great compilation from Con at "Bar code the World" zine who puts his heart & soul (& probably a large amount of his wallet) into supporting the Australian underground zine & band culture - so send him a big cheque.

Double CD only $15!!! Available from:

Bar code the World 'zine - po box 341 five dock 2046 NSW australia.

E-mail: [email protected]

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