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Releasing artists across a range of alternative music genres.

The music includes: electronica, darkwave, industrial, electro punk, dance punk, synth rock, dark alternative, post-punk, goth/gothic, punk, rock, indietronica, quirky electronic dance music, hip-hop, IDM, EBM, EDM, DHC, glitch, ambient, power noise and political protest songs of many styles ...

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The ELF - "A Nice Walk in the Park"

March 2024: We've added to bandcamp an EP for this popular electronica dance music track. From mid-2003 the national Triple J radio station broadcast the song regularly, on their daily playlist and on specialty shows. See here for some playlists.

Included here is a 2003 live version at Sydney's "Club Kooky" and a remix. This represents how we could and should have released it as a CD single way back then. If we'd done a promo video, great things might have been achieved. Recorded in 2001 the track was first released widely in 2003, on our compilation CD set of Canberra Electronic Music titled "ElectriCity".

Feb 2024: DJ Robot Citizen has written a detailed article that explores the History of Electronic Music in Canberra.

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The E.L.F. - "Live at XXL"

Feb 2024: We've added to bandcamp this album of The E.L.F. - a live set during 2001 in Canberra city.

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About Blatant Propaganda:

The label was established in the Australian capital city of Canberra in the 1990s. It has released more than 30 items: albums, EPs, CDs, cassettes. It's a grassroots 'underground' project whose initial goal was to support the activities of ... EYE ... AYA ... The E.L.F. ... DJ Robot Citizen ... DJ Citizen

The label broadened in the late-90s to release compilation CDs with 'various artists'. Those compilations are on our bandcamp; available to hear and [a lot of it] to download for free. They feature dozens of independent artists; mostly Australian, many of them from Canberra. Through those compilations numerous artists obtained exposure on radio - national stations like JJJ & SBS and community stations in the major cities & towns - as well as coverage in print media; mainstream and independent. In the 2000s the label also distributed: albums of projects including Dark Network, TDM [Tedium], Organarchy, Continuum; and magazines such as Chain DLK [EU] and Industrial Nation [USA] ...

A list of most items is at this Discogs page. After some time off through the years we are gradually adding the music to bandcamp channels.

In the late '90s the project also had a printed 'zine. It featured music reviews and a range of 'propaganda' articles.

Our projects also included: hosting 100s of radio shows on Community Radio 2XX in Canberra; and 100s of club nights & band events - those links go to pages on a sibling site; part of the DJ Robot Citizen portfolio.